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Why there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mattress
In many ways, online mattress retailers have simplified the mattress-shopping experience. While shopping at a big box mattress retailer can be overwhelming, these online bed-in-a-box retailers give you just a few choices with an
Why it’s important to flip and rotate your mattress
When we opened in 1990, pretty much all mattresses were two sided so that you could flip and rotate them regularly. But if you’re shopping for a mattress now, you’ll find that most major mattress manufacturers and retailers are
How we’re working to protect our customers and employees
The COVID-19 outbreak has been challenging for us all. But as we prepare to reopen our stores and factories across the country, we wanted to let you know more about the protocols we’re putting in place to protect our customers
Mattress shopping 101: A mattress shopping guide from OMF
At The Original Mattress Factory, our mission is to make sure you find the right mattress for you. That’s why we always encourage mattress shoppers to start their journey here. Whether you purchase from us or not, we’ll make sure
What larger people should look for in a mattress
We are often contacted by customers who tell us that, because of their size, they’ve had a difficult time finding a mattress that is comfortable, supportive, and durable. We often hear that their mattresses are wearing out too
What you need to know about mattress flame retardants
We’re often contacted by prospective customers who are doing their research about flame retardants (FR) in mattresses. We applaud anyone who is doing their due diligence to make sure the products they purchase are safe for them
Why we don’t use pocketed coils in our mattresses
If you’ve visited a mattress store recently, you’ll notice that nearly every innerspring or hybrid mattress has one thing in common: a pocketed coil system.
What a warranty means — and doesn’t mean — for your new mattress
  When you’re shopping for a mattress, you’ll find that many manufacturers and retailers advertise a warranty on their products. And that’s a good thing — this is a large purchase, so you want to make sure you’re protected.
3 common mattress features that have no benefits
The mattress industry is always looking for new gimmicks. Like many other industries, brands want to look like they’re utilizing the latest and greatest technology. While the latest smartphone may get better and better with each
Why we still make two-sided mattresses
When our company opened in 1990, nearly all mattress manufacturers made two-sided mattresses. And for a good reason: you can flip and rotate a two-sided mattress regularly to ensure that it wears evenly across both surfaces,