Why it’s important to flip and rotate your mattress


When we opened in 1990, pretty much all mattresses were two sided so that you could flip and rotate them regularly. But if you’re shopping for a mattress now, you’ll find that most major mattress manufacturers and retailers are saying the same thing: today’s mattresses don’t need to be flipped and rotated. They say that the technology used in today’s mattresses make them more durable, so they no longer need to be two sided.

Don’t believe them.

The no-flip marketing spin

The fact of the matter is that, over the years, mattress manufacturers have cut way back on quality and moved to one-sided mattresses to save money. But most people had used two-sided mattresses their whole lives, so the manufacturers started to market these one-sided mattresses as “no-flip” mattresses with “better technology.”  

These mattresses are not nearly as durable as two-sided mattresses. We can see this when we look at the estimated lifespan of a mattress. In the 1990s, mattresses were estimated to last 15-20 years. Now, the estimated lifespan of a new mattress is 5-7 years. Part of that marked decrease in durability can be attributed to the move to one-sided mattresses, as well as the decrease in the quality of the materials used in many mainstream mattresses.

Why flipping and rotating is important

Like rotating the tires on your car, flipping and rotating your mattress regularly helps your mattress wear evenly across both sides. This process can help improve your mattress’ long-term comfort and durability.

While some body impressions are normal over the lifespan of your mattress, flipping and rotating your mattress can help prevent these impressions. Body impressions are caused by the upholstery materials in your mattress becoming compressed when you sleep in the same spot every night.

When you rotate or flip your mattress, you’re repositioning yourself on the mattress to help minimize body impression and to maintain a more consistent feel. Flipping and rotating will help you to use significantly more of the surface of the mattress on both sides.

How often should you flip and rotate your mattress?

 We recommend flipping or rotating your two-sided mattress on a three-month basis. Flip your mattress, and then rotate it three months later. Then flip it again three months after that. One-sided mattresses can be rotated with the same cadence. You can use the change of the seasons to remind you, or you can sign up for our flip reminder emails.

A guest bedroom mattress that doesn’t get much regular use probably doesn’t need to be flipped or rotated as often.

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