How buying factory direct can save you money

Factory-direct difference

When you’re making a big purchase, the price tag can be a big factor in your research and decision. You may think that a more-expensive product must be a higher-quality product — but that’s not always the case. That’s because there are a lot of factors that go into a product’s final price.

The Original Mattress Factory is a factory-direct business model. We manufacture our mattresses and box springs in our own factories. We sell them directly to our customers in our own stores. This allows us to provide a better mattress at a better price.

We believe in the factory-direct model, so we wanted to share exactly how it can help save you money.


Traditional middleman retail vs. factory direct

When you buy a product from a traditional retailer, the store is typically not the manufacturer of the products they sell. That means that they have to purchase, transport, and warehouse products from third-party manufacturers. In order to make a profit, the retailers have to add a retail markup to the price of every product. In this scenario, the retailer acts as a middleman between the manufacturer and the end consumer.

From design to manufacturing to sales and delivery, we control the process at every step of the way. It allows us to eliminate the middlemen and all of the markups that come with them. It gives us a lot of flexibility to be responsive to our customers. We can manufacture exactly what we’ll need each week and deliver to our customers just days after they order.


Some businesses seem to be factory direct but aren’t

Discount furniture and mattress retailers often claim to be factory-direct operations, but they’re actually middlemen just like most other retailers. If they’re not actually manufacturing all of the products themselves, they’re not really factory direct.

The same can be said of many online mattress brands that claim to be direct-to-consumer operations. These companies do not own their own factories. Instead, they outsource production of their own products to third-party manufacturers. That ultimately costs their customers more.


The OMF factory-direct difference

Our business is not only a factory-direct model, but it is also localized. We have 12 factories across the country. Each factory has retail locations around its metro area that sell its products. Every mattress that is sold locally is also built locally. So, when you purchase a mattress in Cincinnati, it was hand built in our Cincinnati factory. The same can be said of Orlando, the Twin Cities, Raleigh, and any of our other markets.

Why does this matter? It further helps us cut down on costs without cutting out quality. Your mattress isn’t being shipped in from overseas — it was manufactured often just miles away from your home. And that means we’re able to pass those savings onto you.


Ready to start your mattress buying journey? Come to The Original Mattress Factory first. No one knows more than our team about what makes a great mattress great. Whether you buy from us or not, you’ll be better prepared to make a smart mattress buying decision. Find a store near you.