The best mattresses for back pain

mattress for back pain

Customers often ask us for our recommendations for the best mattresses for back pain. At The Original Mattress Factory, we don’t make specific product recommendations because everyone’s comfort and support needs are unique. But we are happy to help provide guidance about what might work for you.

Please note: While there are many benefits to a high-quality, supportive mattress, you should not expect it to solve a chronic health issue. Please consult your doctor.


The benefits of high-quality support

Proper support is vital to healthy sleep and is especially important to spine health. While we do not make specific product recommendations, we believe everyone can benefit from high-quality support. A mattress’ support comes from its core — typically an innerspring or foam core.

All of our mattresses are able to provide at adult-level support for every-night use. As you work your way through our lines — from Classic to Regency to Orthopedic — the quality of the innersprings improves, as does the support. Our Serenity line, which is our specialty foam mattress line, also features high-quality support thanks to its high-density foam cores.

While our Orthopedic and Serenity lines offer the highest-quality support, that doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for your unique needs. That’s why it’s really important to test out mattresses for as long as possible — it’s the only way to find out what really works for you!

There is a myth that in order to get proper support, you have to get a hard mattress. But that’s not true! If you have a high-quality, supportive core, you can choose a mattress that feels as firm or soft as you like and still get the benefits of that support.


Our Orthopedic and Serenity lines

Our Orthopedic and Serenity lines offer the highest-quality support — not just out of the lines we offer at Original Mattress Factory, but also of most mattresses available on the market today. If you’re looking for proper support, these lines can provide great options.

Our Orthopedic features eight models that range from very firm to very soft. They are all two sided, so they can be flipped and rotated regularly to improve long-term comfort and durability. Our Orthopedic innerspring features a six-turn, 12.75-gauge, knotted offset coil and a 6-gauge border rod for edge-to-edge support. This innerspring is manufactured exclusively for the Original Mattress Factory.

Our Serenity line features three all-foam models. The Serenity and Serenity Plush are memory foam, while the Serenity Latex is a two-sided latex foam model. The Serenity line’s 2.25 lb/ft3 density foam cores vary by model, but each offers excellent support. The core is 6 inches thick in the Serenity, 4.5 inches thick in the Serenity Latex, and 3 inches thick in the Serenity Plush.


Adjustable bases

When you’re dealing with back pain, you may want to consider an adjustable base when you’re shopping for new mattresses. The ability to raise the head and foot of your mattress to your desired height may take some pressure off of your back. Adjustable bases can make sleeping, reading, and watching TV in bed even more comfortable.

We offer two high-quality adjustable bases: the Style and Style Plus. These bases pair perfectly with nine different mattress options, including the entire Serenity line and three Orthopedic models.


Selecting a mattress when you have back pain

The only way to find the right mattress for you is to test them out in person for as long as possible — and that’s especially important if you’re dealing with back pain or other chronic pain issues. We recommend spending at least 15 minutes in your natural sleeping position (but preferably longer in this case) before making your selection.

Our other tips include:

  • Focus on high-quality support.
  • Then find the comfort level that works for you.
  • Consider an adjustable base or other sleep accessories like body pillows to add additional relief.


Ready to start your mattress buying journey? Come to The Original Mattress Factory first. No one knows more than our team about what makes a great mattress great. Whether you buy from us or not, you’ll be better prepared to make a smart mattress buying decision. Find a store near you.