How mattress stores make it difficult to price comparison shop

mattress comparison shopping

When you’re shopping for a mattress, it’s important to take your time to make sure you’re getting the best value. But mainstream mattress brands and retailers use certain tactics to make that a lot more difficult.

At The Original Mattress Factory, we believe in honesty and transparency. We’re sharing these tips because we want you to be prepared for these tactics before you go mattress shopping.

Same products, different names

At most major mattress retailers, you’ll find a selection of many of the same three-to-five mainstream brands and their primary lines. But at first glance, it may appear that each store carries different models. However, that’s typically not the case.

In order to prevent customers from being able to shop around to compare prices, the mainstream mattress manufacturers create different versions of the same product for each major retailer. The manufacturer will give them each a unique name and may change the outside cover, but inside, they are the same mattress. If you can’t find the exact same product at different retailers, you can’t get a one-to-one price comparison.

At The Original Mattress Factory, we only make and sell our own products. But we have displays that feature our products cut open and displayed next to a mattress from one of these mainstream mattress brands. You can see and feel the difference in quality for yourself. You can make a decision based on value, not just price.

High-pressure sales tactics

Another common way that retailers discourage you from comparison shopping is by pressuring you into buying as quickly as possible. Mainstream mattress retailers don’t want you to leave without making a purchase because there’s a good chance you’ll find a better value elsewhere.

These retailers will make you feel that if you don’t buy now, you’ll miss out on a great deal. This can look like a sales associate offering you a special discount or a freebie if you buy today. Or it can be a big holiday weekend sale that makes you feel like you have to buy before you’re ready.

A mattress is an investment — not just financially, but also in your quality of life. It’s a decision that is worth taking your time.

The Original Mattress Factory difference

Mattress shopping can be overwhelming. At The Original Mattress Factory, we strive to give you all of the tools to make the right choice for you — whether it’s with us or not. We pride ourselves on our no-pressure sales approach. We encourage you to take as much time as you need to find the right mattress for you. We’re a factory-direct business, so we’re able to offer our lowest and best price to everyone every day and you’ll only pay for what you need. That means you can feel free to take your time, shop around, and feel confident in your final selection.

Ready to start your mattress buying journey? Come to The Original Mattress Factory first. No one knows more than our team about what makes a great mattress great. Whether you buy from us or not, you’ll be better prepared to make a smart mattress buying decision. Find a store near you.