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Do I need to try out mattresses if I'm a previous customer?
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Old School: New Cool – Embracing our “Dinosaur” Identity
Old School Doesn’t Go Extinct. They Say Dinosaur, We Say Thank You. A customer recently shared their story on how a competitor’s sales associate talked about our mattresses. The associate stated, “I know OMF mattresses last
Celebrate Relaxation Day the Right Way - Let Your Mattress Do the Work!
August 15th is National Relaxation Day! We could all use a little more R&R in our busy lives. Of course, taking true time to relax means doing more than just lounging around. To reap the full benefits, you need to commit to
Why The Original Mattress Factory Doesn't Offer a Bed in a Box
Celebrate National Made in the USA Day with The Original Mattress Factory!
Every year on July 2nd, Americans come together to celebrate National Made in the USA Day. Never heard of it? It's a day to honor and support products manufactured in our great nation. The Original Mattress Factory truly
How to wake up easier
How traveling affects your sleep
Tips for Spring cleaning your bedroom
Spring is in full swing! That means warmer temperatures, outdoor activities, and extended daylight! Springtime is considered by many as a season for positive change and renewal. What better way to embrace the spirit of Spring
May is Better Sleep Month
Did you get enough sleep last night? No? That’s not surprising. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet it is often overlooked or undervalued. At The Original Mattress Factory, we often talk how we aren’t