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How we evaluate new products and materials in our mattress test center
At our factory in Cleveland, Ohio, we have a test center where we perform extensive testing on our own products, evaluate new materials, and compare products from other mattress brands. These tests can help us determine a
What does a mattress law tag mean?
Have you ever noticed the big tag on your mattress (or other upholstered products) with the big, scary warning about not removing it “under penalty of law”? What’s that all about? Is it really illegal to remove it?
How to tour our mattress factories
We have 12 factories around the U.S., and all of them are open to the public for tours. (You can see a full list of our factories and stores here.) Each of our factories has a showroom attached so that our customers can easily
4 values we believe in at The Original Mattress Factory
At The Original Mattress Factory, we’ve always considered ourselves more than just a mattress company. We’ve always had a strong sense of who we are and what we believe in. We hold ourselves to a high standard because we believe
How to create a bedroom built for a good night’s sleep
In order to get a good night’s sleep consistently, it’s important to create an environment that allows your body and mind to relax and wind down at the end of a long, busy day. We’re sharing our tips for creating a bedroom that
How can you tell if a mattress is supportive?
Firm support is vital to healthy sleep. Proper support helps ensure you’re not waking up each morning with aches and pains. But how can you tell if a mattress is supportive?
Box spring vs. foundation: What you need to know
When you’re purchasing a new mattress, you’ll have a variety of box springs or foundations to choose from based on the mattress brand from which you choose to purchase. (Not sure whether or not you even need a box spring? Click
What you need to know about mattress construction
There are a variety of ways to build a mattress. A mattress’ construction is one of the factors that will impact its unique feel. (The other factors include the support system and the types and amounts of upholstery materials.)
How buying factory direct can save you money
When you’re making a big purchase, the price tag can be a big factor in your research and decision. You may think that a more-expensive product must be a higher-quality product — but that’s not always the case. That’s because
How much sleep do you need at every age?
Sleep is a vital part of a healthy life, no matter how old you are. Sleep impacts nearly every aspect of our lives from our mental and physical health to our productivity at work and school. But how much sleep we need every night