Why free returns end up costing you more

free mattress returns

Free returns for 30, 90, even 365 days are now common thanks to online mattress companies. Since you can’t test these products out before you buy them, these policies help provide a bit of reassurance in case the mattress isn’t the right fit for you.

But these policies also mean that their products cost you more. What do we mean? Let’s talk about the math of free returns.


The math of free returns

The online mattress retailers don’t talk about what percentage of their sales end in returns, but industry insiders have estimated the return rate of one major online mattress retailer to be as high as 20 percent. Unlike many other industries, mattress companies cannot typically resell a returned product at full retail value. They may be donated, destroyed, or given to a third-party reseller. In any case, the customer is given a full refund, and it is a total loss for the mattress retailer.

If those estimates are anywhere near accurate, a company would have to take steps to stop the revenue loss. How do they do that? They increase their prices. So, that very generous free-returns policy means you’re probably paying a lot more for that mattress.

Even if you never use the return policy, you’re covering the cost for the approximately one in five customers who do. At The Original Mattress Factory, we don’t think that’s fair or honest. Learn more about our 365-day comfort policy here.


Focus on finding the right mattress, not the most flexible return policies

When you’re shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to learn about the manufacturer and retailer’s policies. You’ll want to know that you’ll be taken care of in the event of a manufacturing error or material defect. (Learn more about what a typical mattress warranty does and does not cover here.) But the most important thing to focus on is finding the right mattress for you.

The best way to find the right mattress for you is by testing them out in person for as long as possible. Even the online mattress companies are starting to figure this out; more and more of them are partnering with brick-and-mortar mattress retailers so that customers can test them out before they buy.

At The Original Mattress Factory, we encourage you to take as much time as you need with a no-pressure sales approach. Our team is here to help you find the right mattress for you, whether you buy from us or not. We recommend that you test out a mattress for at least 15 minutes in your natural sleeping position before making your final selection. We offer our lowest and best price to everyone every day, so you can rest assured you’re getting our best price, no matter when you’re ready to buy.


Ready to start your mattress buying journey? Come to The Original Mattress Factory first. No one knows more than our team about what makes a great mattress great. Whether you buy from us or not, you’ll be better prepared to make a smart mattress buying decision. Find a store near you.