What you need to know about our 365-day comfort policy

365 day comfort policy

The overwhelming majority of our customers are happy with their purchases and therefore never have to make use of our policies. But in the rare event that you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we have a number of policies in place to help.

Our warranty covers material defects or errors in workmanship. Our size-change policy can help out in the event that you selected the wrong size mattress or would like to switch to a low-profile box spring, for example.

And if you feel as though you ended up selecting the wrong mattress for your comfort preferences, we offer our 365-day comfort policy. We wanted to take this opportunity to share everything you need to know about this policy.                                                                   

How the policy works

Within one year after receiving your mattress, this policy allows you to make a one-time reselection of a new model in our current stock for a fee of 25 percent of whichever piece is less expensive. (Retail price difference and delivery/pick-up fees may apply.)

So let’s say you are unhappy with your mattress after several months, and you use this policy to select a new model that happens to be less expensive. You would only be responsible for 25 percent of the cost of the new model.

If you choose a new model that costs $200 more than the mattress you originally purchased, you would be responsible for that retail cost difference of $200, plus 25 percent of the cost of your original model.

You can donate the first mattress to an approved charity of your choice, or we can remove the mattress and dispose of it for you.

Why we don’t accept returns

Once a product has been out of our control, we don’t allow it back into our retail or manufacturing environment for the protection of all of our customers and our inventory. While some mattress retailers resell used mattresses or increase the price of their mattresses to cover the cost of returns, we believe it is not in the best interests of our customers to do so.

We want all of our customers to rest assured knowing that when they purchase a product from The Original Mattress Factory, it is brand new and has never been used by anyone else.

Take your time before your purchase

We never want you to feel rushed or pressured into making a purchase. That’s why we offer our products at our lowest and best price to everyone every day. If you need to stop by our stores multiple times to test out the mattresses before making your final selection, we encourage you to do so. We want you to take all of the time that you need to ensure you make the right decision for your unique needs.

At minimum, we recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes in your natural sleeping position on a mattress before you make your purchase.

Give your body time to adjust

There is a reason why our comfort policy is valid for a year after your receive your mattress. It’s because your body needs time to adjust to a new mattress. Your first few nights on your new mattress may not be as perfect as you’d hoped, but we encourage you to give your body at least 30 nights to see if it adjusts. We don’t want you to rush to make a decision about whether or not you’d like to keep your mattress.

However, if you’re still unhappy with your mattress, reach out to our team. We’ll be happy to help.

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