Which Original Mattress Factory line is right for you?


At The Original Mattress Factory, we pride ourselves on offering products to fit nearly every need or want. Mattress shopping can be overwhelming, but we do our best to make our sales floors easy to navigate so you can find the perfect fit for you. And, of course, our sales associates are always available to help guide you as you test out mattresses.

We have four mattress lines: three innerspring lines and one specialty foam line. We wanted to take this opportunity to give you an overview of each line so that you can be better prepared when you’re ready to go mattress shopping.


Our Classic line features four good-quality innerspring mattresses that each offer adult-level support and durability. Each mattress in the Classic line features a Bonnell innerspring system. Bonnell coils are an hourglass shaped with a round, knotted head and are made with tempered steel. When you purchase a set, our Classic mattresses are paired with a real working modular box spring. Because the modular springs in our box springs actually flex, they act as a shock absorber for your mattress and can help improve its comfort and durability. The wood frames for all of our box springs are hand built by Amish craftsmen.

The Classic, Classic Luxury Firm, and Classic Plush are all two-sided models, so they can be flipped and rotated regularly to improve long-term comfort and durability. The Classic One is the one-sided version of the Classic, offering a bit of additional savings.

Quality Standard

While this is our most-affordable line, it is still good quality. Many mainstream mattress brands have made major cuts to quality over the last few decades, so their entry-level lines are often of a much lower quality than our Classic line. While our Classic line is often comparable in price to the mainstream mattress brands’ entry-level lines, it is typically more aligned with their mid-range lines when it comes to quality.

We offer all of our mattresses at a factory-direct value, so you can get a better-quality mattress at an affordable price with the Classic line.


Our Regency line features three premium-quality innerspring mattresses that each offer excellent support and durability. Each mattress in the Regency line features an LFK coil innerspring system. An LFK coil is a straight barrel coil with an offset, squared, and un-knotted head and is made with tempered steel. All of the Regency models offer handles for easier flipping, rotating, and transport.

Our Regency box springs are also real flexing box springs, but this model has an additional wood slat and row of modular springs, so it is a step up in quality and durability.

The Regency Sapphire is a two-sided model. The line also features two one-sided models, the Regency Sapphire Eurotop and the Regency Sapphire Hybrid. Hybrid mattresses offer the active support of an innerspring system with the unique comfort of specialty foams — in this case, the Regency Sapphire Hybrid features memory foam.

Like our Classic line, our Regency line is often a much higher quality when compared to other mid-range mainstream mattress brands.


Our Orthopedic line features eight top-of-the-line innerspring mattresses that each offer superior support and durability. Each mattress in the Orthopedic line features our highest-quality innerspring for the best durability and support. Its offset coil is hourglass-shaped with a square head that is typically knotted and is made of tempered steel. This innerspring is made exclusively for The Original Mattress Factory. All of the Orthopedic models feature handles that are tied to the innerspring and are warranted not to pull out.

When you purchase a set, our Orthopedic mattresses are paired with our highest-quality box spring. The Orthopedic box spring features an additional wood slat and row of modular springs that feature an additional fold for enhanced durability compared to the Regency box spring.

All of the Orthopedic models are two sided. This line features models that range from very firm to very soft, so you can find the right comfort level for you. The Orthopedic line also features three pillow top models — the Orthopedic Pillow Top, the Orthopedic Premier Super Pillow Top, and the Orthopedic Eurotop —and a hybrid model, the Orthopedic Hybrid.

While our Orthopedic line is most comparable in price to many mainstream mattress brands, it is more comparable in quality with high-end brands that you won’t find in most mainstream mattress retailers.


Our Serenity line features three top-of-the-line memory foam and latex foam models that each offer superior support and durability. All three models feature high-density foam cores to provide high-quality support. This line features two memory foam models — the Serenity and the Serenity Plush — and one latex foam model, the Serenity Latex. All of the models feature handles.

When you purchase a set, our Serenity mattresses are paired with our highest-quality box spring — the same one featured in our Orthopedic line.

The Serenity and Serenity Plush are one-sided models, while the Serenity Latex is two sided.

The Serenity line is most comparable in quality to high-end foam mattress brands. The Serenity and Serenity Plush models feature some of the highest quality high-density foams available anywhere. We use the same foam suppliers as many of those brands, but we’re able to offer our Serenity line at a factory-direct price.

Test them out for yourself

So, which OMF line is right for you? There’s no right or wrong answer. Everyone has different comfort and support needs. The best way to know if a mattress is going to be the right fit for you is to test it out for yourself. We always recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes testing a mattress in your natural sleeping position before making your final selection.

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Ready to start your mattress buying journey? Come to The Original Mattress Factory first. No one knows more than our team about what makes a great mattress great. Whether you buy from us or not, you’ll be better prepared to make a smart mattress buying decision. Find a store near you.