What is the durability scale?


If you’ve spent some time on our website, you may have noticed our durability scale feature on each of our mattress products. The durability scale gives you an idea of how durable a mattress or set will be. How long a mattress or set will last depends a lot on how you use it, but there are certain factors that make a mattress more durable.

Durability has always been extremely important to us at The Original Mattress Factory. It’s why we still make two-sided, flippable mattresses and real working box springs, decades after mainstream manufacturers made these major cuts to their quality. We build our mattresses to last.

What impacts a mattress’ durability?

Two-sided mattresses can be flipped and rotated regularly to help improve their long-term durability. Our two-sided Regency Sapphire set has a durability scale rating of 8, while the one-sided Regency Sapphire Eurotop set has a rating of 6.

A higher-quality innerspring or foam core can help your mattress last longer. The innerspring in the Orthopedic line is higher quality than the innerspring featured in our Regency line. And all of our Orthopedic models are two sided. So all of our Orthopedic sets are rated at a 10 on the durability scale.

And pairing your mattress with a real working box spring that acts as a shock absorber for your mattress can help, too. A set, consisting of a mattress and a box spring, will have a higher durability scale rating than a mattress-only product. Our Orthopedic sets are rated a 10, while the mattress-only Orthopedics are rated a 9.

How did we calculate this rating?

We have a test center in our Cleveland, Ohio factory. This is where we develop new products, evaluate new materials, and test out competitor products, all to ensure we’re making the best mattresses we can for you. We have three different machines that can provide valuable data on the feel, support, and durability of a mattress.

We use these machines to simulate 10 years of use in just a matter of days, and we take detailed measurements of the mattress before and after it runs through these tests. Based on these tests, we can estimate how durable our products (and the products of our competitors) will be over the years with normal use.  

How should you use it?

Because we’ve taken such pride in the quality and durability of our mattresses, they are typically much more durable than those from mainstream mattress manufacturers. So, we recommend that you use the durability scale as a reference when comparing our products to each other. We can say with confidence that nearly every product we make is more durable than most mainstream mattresses, so our scale would not relate well to other products.

Durability is just one factor people look for when shopping for a mattress. A mattress is an investment, so you want to make sure it will bring you a good night’s sleep for years to come. Other factors you might want to consider are comfort, support, and price. So the durability scale should be just one factor you consider in your research process.

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