5 things you won’t find at OMF

Things you won't find at OMF

At The Original Mattress Factory, we pride ourselves on having options for nearly any comfort preference, support needs, or price range. But there are a few things you just won’t find at any OMF. Let’s break them down here:

1. Pocketed coils

When you go to a mainstream mattress retailer, you’ll find that nearly all of the mattresses on display are made using pocketed coils (also referred to as individually wrapped coils or Marshall coils). But you won’t find them in any OMF products because we don’t believe they can provide adequate long-term adult support.

Instead, we opt to use interlaced innersprings in our Classic, Regency, and Orthopedic lines. The innerspring units used in each line improves in quality as you work your way up, but even our Classic line can provide good adult-level support for every night use.

2. Big, flashy holiday sales

You can’t turn on the TV or check your mail before a holiday weekend (and the three-or-so weeks after a holiday) without being bombarded with mattress ads. But in our 30-year history, we’ve never had a sale. Instead, we offer all of our products at the same low price to everyone every day.

We believe that these big holiday sales create a false sense of value and a lot of pressure to buy. We want all of our customers to rest assured that they’re getting our best price, no matter who they are or when they’re ready to buy.

3. Freebies

Mattress retailers love reeling in customers with the promise of freebies: free frames, free delivery, free foundations, free TVs (…for some reason?). These offers make customers feel like they’re getting a great deal. But the truth is that the cost of these items is always built into the price of the mattress. What if you don’t need delivery? Too bad — you’re paying for it anyway.

But we don’t believe that’s fair or honest. We believe in transparent pricing, so at OMF, you’ll only pay for what you need.

4. A bed in a box

There are hundreds of online, bed-in-a-box companies out there, but OMF isn’t one of them. Have you ever thought about what manufacturers have to cut out of a mattress to shrink wrap it and stuff it in a box?

We don’t sell anything we’re not proud to put our name on. We won’t sacrifice on quality because we believe our customers deserve the best.

5. Gel-infused “cooling” foams

Gel-infused foams and other materials that claim to be “cooling” are becoming increasingly popular. But there’s no evidence that they actually provide any cooling benefits to the sleeper.

And at OMF, we don’t do gimmicks — we stick with what actually works. You won’t find anything in our mattresses that doesn’t provide a direct benefit to the sleeper, whether it is comfort, support, or durability. All of our mattresses, whether they are innerspring or foam core, are designed to provide proper air flow without the need for gimmicky cooling gels.

What you will find at OMF

At The Original Mattress Factory, you’ll find a quality and a craftsmanship that is increasingly rare. We hand build each mattress and box spring in our own local factories. We’re an employee-owned company, so every employee from the factory to the sales floor to the delivery team takes special pride in everything that we do.

At The Original Mattress Factory, you can see and feel every material we use in each mattress and compare them to those used in the mainstream brands. You can even come by our factory to see how we build our mattresses and box springs for yourself. (Don’t live near a factory? Take a virtual tour here.)

Ready to start your mattress buying journey? Come to The Original Mattress Factory first. No one knows more than our team about what makes a great mattress great. Whether you buy from us or not, you’ll be better prepared to make a smart mattress buying decision. Find a store near you.