What to look for in a custom boat mattress


Your boat is your home out on the water. But many boats don’t come standard with a good-quality mattress. If your boat mattress is keeping you from being rocked to sleep by the waves each night, The Original Mattress Factory can help.

Because we are a factory-direct operation, we can make custom mattresses in nearly any size and shape. You don’t have to sacrifice on quality, support, durability, or comfort when it comes to finding a new custom mattress for your boat.

We’re sharing our tips for finding the best custom boat mattress for you:

Finding the right size and shape

After decades of making custom mattresses, we can tell you that boat mattresses can vary widely from boat to boat. Some mattresses are nestled into the bow, needing to be tapered in and beveled on the sides in order to fit. Others are a more classic rectangular shape, but may be a non-standard size.

If your mattress is a non-standard size, you can simply measure the length and width. You may also want to consider the ideal thickness of the mattress as well.

If your mattress is also an irregular shape, we may need a template to work with. If you live near one of our factory locations, you can simply bring your old boat mattress by, and we can use it as a model to prepare your new custom mattress. If you don’t live near one of our locations, we can work with you to help you make a template that you can send to us to use as a reference.

Creating a template for your custom boat mattress

Once you’ve spoken with our team and started your custom boat mattress order, you’ll want to make sure we have a template to create the mattress.

You can simply take a piece of cardboard or paper and trace the shape of your current boat mattress. If the edges are beveled, and the bottom of the mattress is smaller than the top, make sure to trace that side, too. Measure and note the thickness of the mattress.

Send the templates to our team, and we can start making you a new mattress right away.

Get a custom boat mattress from OMF

Ready to get a new mattress for your boat? You can reach out directly to any of our 12 factory locations, or you can click the link below, fill out the form, and we’ll get in touch. Our team can walk you through the process, answer any questions, and get a quote for you. There is no pressure to buy — we’re just here to help!

Did you know that The Original Mattress Factory can make custom mattresses for RVs, campers, antique beds, and more?

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