What is the support scale?


If you’ve spent some time on our website, you may have noticed our support scale feature on each of our mattress products. The support scale gives you an idea of how supportive a mattress or set will be.

All of the mattresses we make offer adequate support for an adult for every-night use because we know that proper support is vital to healthy sleep. Our Classic line offers good adult-level support. Our Regency line is a step up in quality with excellent support. And our Orthopedic and Serenity lines offer our highest-quality, superior support.

What can impact a mattress’ support?

The rating is primarily determined by the quality of the innerspring or foam core. Our highest-quality innerspring in our Orthopedic line will have a higher support rating than our good-quality innerspring in our Classic line.

Another factor is whether the product is a mattress only or a set. Sets will have a higher support rating because the box springs provide additional support to your mattress. Our real working box springs act as a shock absorber for your mattress

For example, all of our Orthopedic sets have the highest support scale rating of 10. They feature our highest-quality innerspring and are paired with our highest-quality real working box spring. In comparison, the mattress-only Orthopedic models have a support scale rating of 9. The support rating could be negatively impacted even more if a mattress is placed on an old, unsupportive box spring.

How should you use it?

Support is just one factor people look for when shopping for a mattress, and support needs will vary from person to person. Other factors you might want to consider are comfort, durability, and price. So the support scale should be just one factor you consider in your research process.

How can you find the right level of support for you? Take your time when testing out a mattress in person. On some mattresses, it may take your body a few minutes to settle into the upholstery layers before it starts to sense the support (or lack thereof).

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