What does a mattress law tag mean?

Mattress law tag

Have you ever noticed the big tag on your mattress (or other upholstered products) with the big, scary warning about not removing it “under penalty of law”? What’s that all about? Is it really illegal to remove it?

That tag is commonly referred to as a law tag. It is meant to protect consumers by providing valuable information about the product. That scary warning is aimed at retailers and manufacturers, so you can remove the tag once you’ve bought it — but we’ll share why you probably shouldn’t.


Why law tags exist

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, mattress manufacturers were sometimes building mattresses with unsanitary materials from used upholstery from old mattresses to actual garbage. So the government started requiring mattress retailers and manufacturers to be clear about what was used to build their products.

While you don’t have to be concerned that your new mattress might be stuffed with items from a trash heap these days, this law tag still provides some valuable protection. Some unsavory retailers have been caught recovering old, used mattresses and selling them as new. Selling used mattresses isn’t illegal in many states, but not disclosing that the product is used is illegal.

At The Original Mattress Factory, we only sell brand new products that have never been used by anyone else or been out of our control.


You can remove it, but you shouldn’t

This tag features a lot of important information including the materials used to make your mattress, where and the date it was manufactured, and warranty information. If you have an issue with your mattress throughout the life of the warranty, this tag provides some of the proof necessary to file a claim. If you’ve removed the law tag, you may not be able make use of the warranty. We know it can be tempting to remove these tags, but we do highly encourage you to keep them on your mattress for your protection.


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