Our top tips for caring for your mattress

How to care for your mattress

A new mattress is an investment. When cared for properly, it can provide you with restful, restorative sleep for years to come. Check out our top tips for caring for your mattress:

1. Use a box spring.

A real working box spring acts as a shock absorber for your mattress. A high-quality box spring can improve the long-term comfort and durability of your mattress. We always recommend that you purchase a set because it’s best to pair your new mattress with a new box spring. Putting your new mattress on the old box spring you have at home could negatively impact its performance.

Many mattress manufacturers no longer make real working box springs. Instead, they sell rigid foundations which provide little-to-no benefit to your mattress.

2. Make sure it has adequate support. 

Whether you’re placing your new set on a frame or a bed, you’ll want to make sure it provides solid support. If you have a full, queen, king, or California king-size set, you want to make sure that your bed or frame has center supports with a foot that touches the floor. This foot will help support the middle of your bed. Without it, your box spring and mattress may bow or become damaged over time.

3. Use a mattress protector. 

A waterproof mattress protector can help keep your mattress clean and in a sanitary condition. Liquids can damage the materials inside your mattress, so it’s important to keep it protected (especially in families with kids or pets). Today’s mattress protectors are waterproof but soft and breathable — a huge improvement over the crinkly protectors of the past.

You can also use an encasement which can protect your mattress from bed bugs, dust mites, and anything else that could potentially damage your mattress.

4. Flip and/or rotate it regularly.

Flipping and rotating your mattress regularly can help improve its long-term comfort and durability. This process allows your mattress to wear evenly and can help reduce body impressions.

If you have a two-sided mattress, we recommend that you alternate flipping and rotating every three months. You can think of it like the changing of the seasons: you rotate every summer and winter and flip every spring and fall, for example.

If you have a one-sided mattress, we recommend that you rotate your mattress head-to-foot every three months.

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5. Don’t jump or walk on the bed.

While both our innersprings and our box springs are built with heavy-duty materials, they are not designed to take a heavy, brunt impact. Jumping, standing, or even slamming down on the edge of the bed can permanently damage your mattress and box spring.

6. Use caution when attempting to clean it. 

If you’re using a mattress protector, you shouldn’t need to clean your mattress. But in the event that you do need to clean your mattress, please use caution. As we mentioned, liquids can damage the materials inside your mattress. Do not use dry cleaning agents or spot removers. If absolutely necessary, you can use a mild soap with cold water and gently dab the stain.

You can address smells by sprinkling baking powder on your mattress and using a vacuum to remove it.

7. Don’t bend, fold, drag, or drop your mattress or box spring.

Unless your mattress is made entirely of soft materials (like foam or cotton) or is specifically built for folding, it probably is not meant to be bent. Don’t bend your mattress or the corners when applying a fitted sheet, transporting it, etc.

That said, all of our kings and California kings are built to be folded head to foot for easy transport. We can also build any other size mattress so that it folds upon your request. This can be especially useful if your home has tight hallways, stairways, and doorways. (Don’t forget to ask about our split and low-profile box springs which can also help with these challenges!)

8. Need to store your mattress? Keep it supported and protected, but let it breathe.

Whether it’s a deployment or a temporary change in your living situation, sometimes you need to store your mattress and box spring. We want to make sure it stays safe and clean, no matter how long you need to keep it in storage. Here are our tips for storing your mattress:

  • We recommend keeping it wrapped in plastic, but it’s a good idea for the mattress bag to have some holes so that it can breathe. You don’t want moisture getting trapped inside and causing any damage.
  • It’s OK if you need to store your mattress and box spring upright. Make sure it’s at an angle that prevents it from bowing. Proper support can help keep it from falling over.
  • And, of course, make sure the area where you’re storing your mattress is protected from the elements. You’ll want to make sure it can stay clean and dry.

Got a question about mattress care that we didn’t answer here? Feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to help!

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