How your phone and tablet could be impacting your sleep

digital devices and sleep

Our smart phones, tablets, and laptops have become a major part of our lives. From working to staying connected to friends and family, we seem to always have these devices nearby from the moment we wake up in the morning to when we go to sleep at night. You’re probably reading this on one of these devices right now. But did you know that these devices might be negatively impacting your sleep?


How blue light impacts your sleep

Light comes in different colors. Our digital devices emit a blue light. According to Harvard Medical School, blue light can help boost our attention and reaction times, which can be very beneficial during the day time. But it can negatively impact our sleep if we’re exposed to that light in the evenings and closer to bedtime because it causes our body to release less melatonin, the hormone that influences our body’s internal clock and tells it when it’s time to sleep. Any light exposure can have this effect, but blue light has a particularly negative impact.


How to protect yourself

If you think your devices might be preventing you from getting restful, restorative sleep each night, there are some steps you can take.

  1. Stop using your devices when you begin your bedtime routine. As you begin to wind down for the night, put away your devices. This can help signal to your body that it’s time to relax.
  2. Reduce temptation to pick them back up. You can plug them in another room to charge or use do not disturb features to minimize the temptation to check them.
  3. Use blue light-blocking glasses. You can purchase glasses that have lenses that filter out the blue light and prevent it from hitting your eyes. If you have prescription lenses, you can speak to your eyecare provider about adding these filters to your next pair of glasses.
  4. Utilize “bedtime mode” features. If you’re not able to put the devices away prior to bedtime, use “bedtime mode” features that can turn the screen black and white to reduce blue light exposure.
  5. Make sure you get plenty of natural light exposure during the day. This can help you regulate your body’s internal clock.

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