How we evaluate new products and materials in our mattress test center

Test center

At our factory in Cleveland, Ohio, we have a test center where we perform extensive testing on our own products, evaluate new materials, and compare products from other mattress brands. These tests can help us determine a mattress’ firmness, durability, and support so that we can build the best mattress for you.

And we have high standards. The mattress industry likes to come out with new, flashy features every few years, but they often don’t live up to the exaggerated benefits they advertise. But at The Original Mattress Factory, we will never put any materials or features in our mattress that don’t provide a direct benefit to the sleeper.

 Mattress foam compression test

Foam compression testing

Our first test is the foam compression test. This 13.5-inch circular plate presses down into the mattress between 0-4 inches in .5-inch increments. This test measures the indentation load deflection (ILD) and represents the firmness (or feel) of the mattress. This measurement is taken at five different locations on the mattress meant to represent different areas of the body — head, shoulders, hip, and calf, etc.

 Rollator mattress test

The Rollator

The Rollator is a 240-pound, hexagonal-shaped roller that passes back and forth across the width of the mattress 100,000 times over four days. This test is designed to simulate 10 years of use. Once the machine is done running through this test, our team evaluates the surface condition and profile of the mattress set and compares the results to those collected before the test. They also run additional measurements after a 24-hour recovery period to determine any changes.

 Mattress Cornell test

The Cornell tester

This dual sphere-shaped ram head applies a 230-pound load to a set position 100,000 times over the course of 11 hours. This test simulates a person sitting in the same position on the mattress set for 10 years. Our team measures the height and firmness at multiple intervals during the test.


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