How much sleep do you need at every age?

Sleeping at different ages

Sleep is a vital part of a healthy life, no matter how old you are. Sleep impacts nearly every aspect of our lives from our mental and physical health to our productivity at work and school. But how much sleep we need every night will change throughout our life. Let’s take a look at how much sleep a person needs at each life stage.


Babies and toddlers

Being a baby is exhausting! Your little one needs a lot of sleep. According to What to Expect, newborns will sleep 14-17 hours per day, typically spread out a few hours at a time. From ages 4 to 6 months, that number gets reduced to 12-16 hours a day with longer overnight stretches. From 7 to 11 months, they may be getting as much as 10-12 hours every night, plus a few daily naps.

According to Parents, toddlers between the ages of 1 and 2 years old typically get about 12 hours of sleep a day, including naps. By the time they’re 3 years old, they’ll average around 11 hours of sleep, including one daily nap.


School-age children

School-age children may have aged out of the need for daily naps, but they still need quite a bit of sleep. They’re growing and learning every day, and that takes a lot of energy. From 6 to 12 years old, the CDC recommends 9-12 hours of sleep every day. In their teen years, they need 8-10 hours. But the CDC also says that 6 out of ten middle schoolers and 7 out of ten high schools aren’t getting enough sleep on school nights. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule and limiting electronic device use in the evenings may help your kid get enough sleep each night.



According to Harvard Medical School, adults ages 18-64 will need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep a night, while seniors 65 and over will need a bit less at 7-8 hours per night. But your sleep needs may vary based on your lifestyle, health, and the quality of sleep you get each night.


What you need for healthy sleep at any age

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