From our Factory to your Home

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At The Original Mattress Factory, we understand that your shopping experience begins the moment you walk into our showroom, and we strive to make sure that your positive experience continues all the way through the delivery process and beyond. We take pride in ensuring your product makes it safely from our factory to your home. Once your sale is complete, there are various methods in which you can receive your products. If you require it immediately, we most likely will have it available to pick up at one of our factory locations. Should you wish to have product delivered to you, we have various delivery options available including a full-service delivery or a drop off. At the point of sale, your knowledgeable sales associate will walk you through what to expect from an OMF delivery and help determine the delivery method that best fits your needs.


Every home is unique. By understanding the layout of your home, we can effectively direct you towards any potential modifications that might be necessary including split box springs, low profile box springs, or hinging the mattress. We may even uncover an issue with an existing frame that we can help correct as well. Prior to receiving a delivery, below are some items to think about in order to ensure a smooth process.


Split Box Springs


The event may arise where split box springs will be needed for Queen or Full size sets in order to maneuver through some homes or up tight stairways. Split box springs will offer the same support as a one-piece box spring and are available for a small additional charge.




While a mattress may have a certain amount of “flex” to it, some homes have angles that could potentially cause a mattress to be damaged in transport. Because we build our mattresses right in our factory, there are certain modifications we can make to help get your mattress safely into your home. Hinging is a modification of the border rod that allows a mattress to be folded from head-to-foot without damaging the spring unit. At The Original Mattress Factory, all of our king mattresses come with a standard hinge. This allows the mattress to fit through tight stairways or doorways without affecting the mattress’s durability or its warranty. We understand all homes have different layouts, this is why we offer the option to hinge any size mattress, upon special request, for no additional charge. When considering hinging, a good “look over “of doorways, staircases and hallways can aid in making a decision whether to modify your mattress or not.


Center Supports


Proper center supports for Full, Queen, and King mattress sets are essential for adequate support and longevity of the mattress and box springs. Frames without center supports cause a “bowing” or “hammock” effect to the box springs and the mattress which can cause an overall lack of support, an undesirable feel to the mattress as well as potential irreversible damage. Proper center supports have feet that come in contact with the floor to ensure the frame does not sag or warp.


Box Spring Height/ Bunk Boards


At The Original Mattress Factory, we offer a variety of different mattresses which come in a variety of thicknesses. Our mattress thickness ranges from 7” up to 16.” Keep in mind, your desired height will also help you decide the box spring height that is most appropriate for you. When considering height, a variety of factors can influence your choice of box spring. The total height will be a combination of the frame, box springs and mattress. Other factors come into play, including headboard and foot board heights, nightstand use, or physical limitations. Regardless of the situation, we have several options to accommodate your needs. We offer two box spring height options, 5” (low profile) and 8“(standard), as well as a bunk board option. Bunk boards are a great solution to slat style beds and some platform beds and provide a lower profile for your product if so desired. If taller is what you prefer, we can provide higher box spring heights (9” or 10”).


While a bunk board can be a great option to provide support, it is not a real working box spring. A real working box spring acts like a shock absorber for the mattress, helping it to last longer. You can read more about the importance of box springs here. A bunk board can be a great option for height on platform beds, but it could potentially reduce the useable life of the mattress compared to a working box spring.




Your bed-frame should be the first product you inspect to ensure it is providing adequate support for your mattress and box springs. At The Original Mattress Factory, we offer a heavy-duty frame that comes with a lifetime warranty. Full, Queen, King and California King sizes all come with a center support rail. When evaluating whether or not you need to replace your frame, below are signs that it may need replaced:


  • Broken or missing slats
  • Lack of proper center support
  • Broken wheels
  • Abnormal noise
  • Slanted or un-level surface
  • Bent rails


If you are uncertain about whether you need to replace your frame, you can request the drivers bring an extra frame and/or center supports and evaluate upon your full-service delivery.


At The Original Mattress Factory, we take great pride in providing our customers with an exceptional experience from the moment you step into our showroom to the final delivery of your new mattress. Our knowledgeable sales team will guide you through choosing the perfect mattress for your needs. And our delivery experts will ensure your new bed is brought directly and safely into the comfort of your home. We understand that every detail matters when it comes to delivering an outstanding customer experience. That's why communication and preparation are so important to us throughout the entire process. We look forward to continuing to refine and improve our sales and delivery process to maintain the highest standards of service. Our goal is your complete satisfaction from start to finish. From our factory to your home, you can trust The Original Mattress Factory for an unmatched mattress buying experience.


Written by: Tabitha Hill, OMF Pittsburgh