Busting 3 common sleep myths

sleep myths

Sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle, but many adults struggle to get an adequate quality and quantity of sleep each night. There are some common myths that can get in the way of getting a good night’s sleep, so we wanted to take this opportunity to bust three of those myths now.


Myth: A nightcap can help you get better sleep.

While some people may find that an alcoholic drink at the end of an evening helps them fall asleep faster because it is a depressant, the truth is that alcohol can disrupt our sleep. Studies have found that moderate to high alcohol consumption negatively impacts the cycles our bodies go through during sleep including the REM stage, or rapid eye movement stage that includes increased brain activity. Alcohol can also disrupt our sleep in other ways too including increasing bathroom visits, sleep apnea, and snoring.

We recommend limiting your alcohol consumption close to bedtime to help ensure a better night’s sleep.


Myth: You can train your body to need less sleep.

Today’s hustle culture often glorifies waking up long before sunrise, working harder for longer hours, and getting by on as little sleep as possible. Some people may be able to get by on a few hours each night for a while, but it will catch up with them eventually. Getting the right quantity and quality of sleep each night is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Long-term sleep deprivation can negatively impact your health with serious consequences.

And catching up on lost sleep may not be as quick and simple as it sounds. Getting a nap in during the day may disrupt your ability to sleep later on in the evening, and getting one good night’s sleep won’t be enough to make up for prolonged sleep deprivation, according to Cedars-Sinai.


Myth: Snoring is annoying but not harmful.

Sharing a bed with someone who snores can be disruptive to your sleep, of course. But snoring can also be a sign of a much more serious health issue: sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes pauses in your breathing throughout your sleep cycle. These pauses can last a few seconds or even minutes and may occur dozens of times every hour. Not only are these pauses disruptive to your sleep, but sleep apnea is also linked to very dangerous health issues from heart disease to diabetes.


Make sleep a priority

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