4 accessories that can help you sleep better

sleep accessories

A comfortable, supportive, and high-quality mattress can make a huge difference in how well you sleep each night. But there are also some other accessories that may help you sleep better, longer, and more comfortably each night. While we don’t sell these particular items, you can find them online and at major big box retailers.

We’ve talked about what makes a bedroom built for great sleep: it’s dark, it’s quiet, and it’s cool. Now let’s talk about some of the best accessories that can help you achieve a great night’s sleep.


Sleep mask

A dark room is key to a good night’s sleep. Sleep masks can be a great way to block out the light. They can also prevent you from opening your eyes each time you hear a noise or get distracted by your smartphone lighting up. If you work the night shift and sleep during the day, a sleep mask might be a necessity.

Not a fan of sleep masks? Consider blackout curtains in your bedroom to minimize light.


Sound machine

A quiet room can make it easier to fall asleep — but if the room is too quiet, you may find yourself distracted by every little noise. A noise machine (or a white noise app on your phone or tablet) can help provide a variety of calming sounds — a rain storm, static, the whir of an air conditioner, and more. There are even YouTube videos that feature 8 hours or more of calming sounds with a blank screen to help people sleep. (You can see an example of one such video here.)



If you sleep hot, a fan is going to be your best option for staying cool. Experts recommend keeping your room between 60-67 degrees for optimal sleep, and a fan can help further circulate that cool and keep you from overheating. Use bedding and sleepwear that is light and breathable to help you get the most out of your fan.

And as a bonus, your fan may provide some white noise, meaning you won’t need to invest in a sound machine.


Body pillow

For side sleepers, body pillows can help you sleep more comfortably while relieving pressure on joints and improving blood circulation. You can hug the pillow which may help prevent your arms from falling asleep. You can also put the pillow between your legs, which can relieve some back and hip pain. You can also lean your body onto the pillow, reducing the pressure on places like your hips and shoulders. And if you choose a U-shaped or C-shaped body pillow, it can also provide back support.

There are a wide variety of types of body pillows available, including different shapes and materials.

If you’re not a fan of body pillows, side sleepers may find sleeping with a smaller pillow between your knees to be helpful. Back sleepers might like having one behind their knees.


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